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Custom Mooring Lines

It is no secret that the most stressful part of boating is berthing or docking your boat! 

What if you had custom made mooring lines that stayed on the dock permanently? The right size, the right length and always in the right location. All you have to do is step off the boat, place the lines over your boats cleats and you are successfully back in your berth. Simple!


You'll be kicking yourself that you didn't do it years ago!

All mooring lines are hand spliced with a 400mm eye in each end. Our double braid mooring lines are finished with a Yale Whiplock to ensure longevity of the splice.


Mooring lines come with a 12 month warranty on workmanship. DIY or Supply and Install.

What mooring lines do I need for my boat? 

Generally speaking, we recommend 4 mooring or dock lines for your boat. A bow line, forward spring line, aft spring line and a stern line. This helps to distribute forces evenly across your boat and dock cleats. 


What is a bow line?

A bow line is the dock line at the very front (or bow) of the boat. Its purpose is to prevent the bow moving too far away from the dock and hitting the boat beside you. (shown in yellow below)


What is a forward spring line?

A forward spring line is the most critical mooring line if you drive into your berth. The forward spring line prevents your boat moving too far forward causing your bow pulpit to overhang the dock and create a hazard for pedestrians. (shown in blue below)


What is an aft spring line?

An aft spring line is the most critical mooring line if you reverse into your berth. The aft spring line prevents your boat moving too far backwards and hitting the dock, potentially causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your boat and the marina. (shown in red below)


What is a stern line? 

A stern line is the dock line at the very back (or stern) of the boat. Its purpose is to prevent the stern moving too far away from the dock and hitting the boat beside you. (shown in green below)

mooring line layout.png

As shown in the diagram above, we recommend that the stern line attaches to the stern cleat furthest away from the dock (if possible). This allows for unrestricted, safe access to your boat which is critical when you have your hands full. 

Try to avoid short mooring lines. Short lines (under 2m) put a lot of stress on cleats and the line itself. If a short line is unavoidable, then a mooring compensator should be considered to absorb shock and reduce stress on cleats.

Measuring your new custom mooring lines

You can go down the DIY route by measuring your lines and ordering them online. They will be custom made and sent out with a 400mm soft eye on each end. The other option is to have GC Boat Management measure and fit your new mooring lines to your boat.


You can still order and pay online based on your approximate measurements. We will then visit your boat and splice the lines to ensure your boat is perfectly positioned in your berth. Any discrepancies between the ordered lengths and the installed lengths will be invoiced as required.

If you would like GC Boat Management to fit your new mooring lines onsite, please select "supply and install" from the shipping options prior to making payment for your lines.


Alternatively, send us an email with your line type, diameter, required lengths and vessel location so that we can send through a no obligation quote for your new mooring lines, including installation.  

custom mooring lines on a dock cleat

A great way to attach your custom mooring lines to your dock cleats

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