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3 Strand Polyethylene Silver Mooring Line

Polyethylene silver rope is a great, cost effective option for your boats dock lines. Other benefits include:


  • Aesthetically pleasing.

  • Floats.

  • Resistant to mildew.

  • No strength loss when wet.

  • 400mm eye hand spliced on each end of the line.

What size dock line do I need for my boat? 

As a guide, we recommend the following dock line sizes.


  • Sizes are a guide only and based on a single level, fibreglass, sports cruiser / yacht. If your boat has increased windage due to a flybridge OR of timber / steel construction, we would recommend purchasing the next larger diameter.

  • Consider the size of your boats cleats when selecting your dock line diameter. Dock lines with a diameter larger than necessary may not fit through / around your cleats OR you may need a larger eye spliced into your line to suit your boats cleat size. 

  • All custom dock lines come with a 400mm eye splice each end.

If you have any concerns regarding what diameter dock line is right for your boat, don't hesitate to get in touch! We are more than happy to help. 


30 - 35 ft

40 - 45 ft

45 - 55 ft

55 - 60 ft

60 - 70 ft

70 - 85 ft


14 mm

16 mm

18 mm

20 mm

22 mm

24 mm

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