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Boat Management Services

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Only big boats use boat management services right? WRONG!


Boat management services are perfect for boat owners that are time poor and tired of having to work on their boat every time they are on board, rather than going out and enjoying it! 


What price do you put on your time? Your families happiness? Tired of cleaning your boat before and after every trip? No time to organise the annual haul out, bottom cleaning, hard stand and multitude of marine trades required to polish, antifoul and service your engine / drives? 

If you answered yes to even one of the above questions, then GC Boat Management may be just what you are looking for! ONE point of contact makes your boating experience simple!


REFUELING / Pump out

Refueling is time consuming. Pumping out the black tank is every boat owners worst nightmare! Let GC Boat Management take care of your refueling / pump out requirements. After all, you bought a "pleasure" boat not a "work" boat! 

Refuel / pump out


Recently purchased a "new to you" boat and not sure where to start? We can take you through all of the switches, buttons & breakers and their basic operation. Ensure that you have (or get you a copy) of manuals for critical equipment such as engines, generators, air-conditioners and chart plotters etc. Discuss basic tools and replacement parts that should be kept onboard and much more!

At GC Boat Management, our aim is to ensure that our clients feel supported so that you can hit the water with confidence!

boat familiarisation
Engine Belts

Critical System Run-Up

Don't get a chance to use your boat as much as you like? A well used boat is happier than a boat that sits idle for months on end. Seals dry out, corrosion builds up and marine growth can wreak havoc!

Let GC Boat Management run-up and monitor your engines, generator, air-conditioners and all critical systems to ensure that seals and internal components stay lubricated and operational so that the next time you head out, you don't get stuck on the dock with engine issues!

Critical system run up


Going on holidays? Let GC Boat Management look after your boat while you enjoy yourself! We will check lines, check for water leaks should it rain, ensure bilges remain dry, ensure shore power is connected and batteries are charged, batten down the hatches and add extra lines should strong winds be forecast.

Enjoy your holiday with peace of mind knowing that GC Boat Management has your back!

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Vacation Care
Paying at the Store


Don't have time to get to the shop? Send us a list and we will ensure your fridges and Galley are stocked prior to your departure. It couldn't get any easier!

GC Boat Management are here to help! We aim to make boat ownership simple!


Linen / Laundry Service

Stayed onboard for a week or a weekend? GC Boat management will come onboard, remove your towels and sheets, have them commercially laundered and pressed, then remake your beds and stow your towels ready for your next adventure!

To make it even easier, we can supply your boat with sheets and towels that can be replaced after each use. 

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What better way to experience the luxury of boat ownership than turning the key and driving away, enjoying your time out on the water and simply walking away once it's all done!

Upon your return, GC Boat management will wash the boat externally, clean the boat internally, make the beds, replace the linen, do the laundry and ensure your boat is ready to go for your next outing!  

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