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Boat Maintenance,
Repair and Refit


Every boat owner knows all too well that there is ALWAYS something to fix on a boat! It can be overwhelming, time consuming and expensive if specialist tools are required.


 GC Boat Management can organise and oversee all required marine trades to complete works on your boat to the highest of standards.

One point of contact keeps things simple and stress free!


Marine Electrical

Over 90 percent of issues on a boat can be traced back to an electrical issue. Systems are complex and wiring is often DIY'd over the years. 

GC Boat Management can help you with all things electrical on your boat. From fault finding and repairs to battery replacement, installation and servicing of electronics, wire labelling / management and more. 

Marine Electrical

Vacuum toilet repairs

Vacuum toilet systems are generally a 'reactive' maintenance item. Often overlooked until it stops working properly. Much like the impeller in your engines or generator, the rubber components of your vacuum toilet system should be replaced annually. Duckbill valves, pump seals and bowl seals are crucial to maintaining vacuum pressure and ensuring that the pump is not constantly cycling due to a vacuum leak. 

Vacuum Toilet

Marine refrigeration

Ice maker stopped making ice? Air conditioning not getting as cold as it used to? Freezer not working? 

This is all too common on a boat and normally only noticed by owners at the worst time... when they want to use the boat!


The marine environment is corrosive! Parts fail. Adopt a preventative approach to your maintenance rather than a reactive one! It will save you money and increase reliability so that you can enjoy the weekend away with your family onboard!

Marine Refrigeration

Refit Management

As we use our boats over the years, we begin to understand what it is we want out of it. Whether that is simply refreshing the seating, covers and carpets or completely customising the boat GC Boat Management can assist with planning, budgeting, scheduling and managing all required marine trades. 

Our goal is to make boat ownership simple and stress free! We are here to help in any way!

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