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Interior Boat Detailing

interior boat cleaning

GC Boat Management can take care of your interior boat cleaning needs. We wipe down all surfaces, sanitise the Galley and Head, remove rubbish, vacuum and mop floors, remake beds and provide a washing and folding service for all of your towels and bedding so that you can truly enjoy your boat. 


Interior boat detailing

Interior boat detailing goes beyond wiping down surfaces and vacuuming. When we detail your boats interior, we deep clean vinyl seating, remove contents and clean inside storage lockers, clean under seating, clean and condition clears, polish stainless surfaces such as tapware and sinks etc and really get into the nooks and crannies. 

If your boat hasn't been cleaned in a while, is mouldy or has just come off the hardstand where mechanics and contractors have been working hard to maintain your boat, then an interior detail is what you will need to return your boats interior to its pristine condition. 

Boat carpet cleaning

Boat carpets are often overlooked. In an ideal world, carpets should be cleaned annually, when the boat is on the hard stand for maintenance. This allows a truck mounted cleaning machine to access your boat.

A truck mounted machine provides a much deeper clean by injecting cleaning solution deep into the carpet fibres and then extracting the solution with a powerful vacuum, resulting in much quicker drying times. 

GC Boat Management can organise carpet and upholstery cleaning on the hard stand or in your berth with a portable carpet cleaning machine.


boat bilge cleaning

A clean bilge is a safe bilge! Water, fuel and oil laying around in the bilge and can create a potentially explosive atmosphere once engines heat up to operating temperature.  

GC Boat Management can remove these contaminants and degrease your bilge / engines so that you are able to spot any future leaks, trouble shoot and make repairs promptly. 

All waste removed from the bilge is disposed of inline with environmental regulations. 

mould removal

Lets face it, we only use our boat when the sun is shining. Unfortunately this means you aren't onboard when the weather is at its worst to identify any potential leaks.


Life gets busy and boats sit closed up. Add moisture to the equation, and the next time you arrive to your boat to enjoy a day out, there is mould everywhere! All over the seats, the bimini top, even hard surfaces! 

GC Boat Management can flood test your boat to identify potential leaks so that repairs can be undertaken promptly and then treat the mould so that you can enjoy your boat again with confidence. 

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