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Exterior Boat Detailing

Boat washing

GC Boat Management provides exceptional boat detailing services throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We are fully insured to detail your boat at any marina, boat yard or home in Queensland. 

Keeping your boat in good condition is not only rewarding, but goes a long way to maintaining its resale value. 

Boat Washdown

Our boat washing service keeps your boating adventures fun and enjoyable! There is nothing worse than organising a day out with friends, only to arrive to a dirty boat! Our boat wash includes:

  • Removal of scuff marks and corrosion stains.

  • Cleaning of non skid flooring. 

  • Thorough washdown with a marine wash / wax.

  • Underside of lockers and locker gutters cleaned.

  • Stainless, glass, clears and dark surfaces dried.

Popular add-on's: 

  • Stainless steel rails and fittings hand polished.

  • Clears hand polished to increase service life.

  • Tender cleaning / detailing.

  • BBQ cleaning. 

Cobalt boat wash

Teak cleaning

Teak will turn grey over time. If you don't like the grey look, then we can clean, brighten and seal your teak to maintain its fresh golden appearance. If your teak is uneven under foot, we can generally sand down the peaks then clean and seal it. 

Great care is taken with your boats teak to ensure its longevity. Harsh scrubbing and constant cleaning / brightening will reduce its service life considerably by thinning the teak and eventually causing the caulking to fail.

If you do prefer the golden colour of teak, we highly recommend sealing the teak with Semco or similar teak sealant. Doing so will greatly reduce the amount of harsh scrubbing required to keep your teak clean.

Boat Clears

Your boats clears are an investment. To ensure your clears remain soft and serviceable, they should be cleaned regularly and polished quarterly.

GC Boat Management uses IMAR cleaners and polishes to maintain your clears. Keeping your clears polished not only protects from UV, it also creates an anti-static layer so that dust and salt are easily rinsed away.

Most boaties rinse their boats after use however, very few dry their clears after rinsing. Unfortunately, the minerals in the tap water can leave water spots on your clears, causing scratches and a loss of clarity over time. 

If you would like to learn more about maintaining your boats clears, check out our blog post!

Cleaning Boat Clears Gold Coast
Boat Stainless Steel Polishing

Stainless Steel Polishing

Although materials used on boats is generally of the highest quality, stainless steel and aluminium in the marine environment as susceptible to corrosion. If left untreated, this corrosion can form pits in the surface of the metal requiring extensive remediation or replacement. 

GC Boat Management can polish your metal rails and deck hardware to ensure corrosion is removed promptly and a protective barrier applied to slow the recurrence of future corrosion.

Window Polishing

If left to dry on the surface, salt spray and minerals in the water used to rinse your boat will etch into the windows causing water spots. These spots can be unsightly and notoriously difficult to remove. 

GC Boat Management can polish your windows to remove these water spots and seal the surface to slow their recurrence.

Boat Window Polishing
Monthly Maintenance
Riviera Boats Gold Coast

MOnthly maintenance

No time to maintain your boat? Tired of washing it every time you want to use it? GC Boat Management looks after the exterior of several vessels around the Gold Coast on a monthly basis. More than a washdown, our monthly maintenance plans includes:

  • Removal of scuff marks and stains.

  • Cleaning of non skid flooring. 

  • Hand polishing of stainless steel rails as required.

  • Thorough washdown with a marine wash / wax, including the hard top if required. 

  • Underside of lockers and locker gutters cleaned.

  • Stainless, glass, clears and dark surfaces dried.

  • Clears conditioned monthly and polished quarterly.

  • General check of shore power, lines and fenders.

In addition to this, we can machine wax your gelcoat quarterly to maintain your gelcoats shine and UV protection. 

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