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Custom Anchor Bridle

An anchor bridle is an essential piece of equipment on any boat that has an all chain anchor rode.

Our anchor bridles are Y shaped. The two legs are terminated with a 400mm spliced soft eye for attachment to bow cleats OR 316 stainless steel thimbles for attachment to eye bolts on a catamaran.


The single end of the bridle is terminated with a 316 stainless steel thimble to receive a shackle and anchor chain hook. Thimbles are whipped at the base and shackle pins are seized with 316 stainless steel wire. 


What does an anchor bridle do?

An Anchor bridle eliminates the loads from your anchor windlass and transfers it to your boats bow cleats that are engineered to withstand greater loads.

Benefits of an anchor bridle:
  • Windlass service life will be extended considerably.

  • Noise from anchor rode eliminated in forward berth.

  • MUCH cheaper than a new anchor windlass!

What size anchor bridle should I order?

For most, an anchor bridle with 3 metre legs will be sufficient. We wouldn't recommend the legs be any shorter than this. At 3 metres, the legs will provide adequate stretch and shock absorption whilst at anchor. It is also a very manageable size to install easily and store away in a locker when not in use.


For larger boats, we recommend measuring the distance between your bow cleats or bridle attachment points. Each bridle leg should be the same length as your measurement, creating an equilateral triangle when the bridle is deployed. 

If the measurement between your bow cleats or attachment points is less than 3 metres, then stick with the 3m minimum leg length for your bridle.  

All of our bridles are made from 3 strand nylon due to its ability to stretch and absorb shock.

As a guide, we recommend the following anchor bridle line diameters.



How to order:

Select the line diameter, leg length and how your bridle will be connected to the boat. Chafe protection and anchor hooks are ADDITIONAL and will need to be added to your cart SEPARATELY if required. 

If you have any questions, or require a customised solution for your boat, please don't hesitate to contact us.


16 mm

20 mm

24 mm


30 - 40 ft

40 - 50 ft

50 - 70 ft

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