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Boat Cut and Polish


A cut and polish is about more than a shiny boat! Whilst it does look great, it also makes your boat easier to clean! Less time cleaning = more time boating!

Did you know that "cutting" your boats paint or gelcoat removes more than just oxidation? It removes material, meaning that overtime, your paint or gelcoat is getting thinner and thinner, eventually leading to the fibreglass layer below becoming visible!

A "cut and polish" shouldn't be part of annual maintenance. Once oxidation is removed, a light polish / wax every 3 - 4 months should be all that is needed  to keep your boats finish oxidation free and eliminate the need for future heavy cutting.

The cheapest price is never the best price!

Our Cut and Polish Process


Wash & stain removal

We remove stains from the surfaces to be polished and wash the boat so that it is free of any salt, dirt and dust.



"cutting" step

Based on the level of oxidation, we select the compound we think will be aggressive enough to remove it. 

Heavily oxidised boars that haven't been cut and polished for some time may need to be wet sanded prior to the cutting step. 

The cutting step is critical. Without removing the oxidation, your boat will stay shiny for a few weeks and then the oxidation will slowly start coming back as it was never removed in the first place. 


Decontamination wash

After the cutting step, we wash all polished surfaces to remove dust and oils that the compounds leave on the surface. 

Without removing the oils from the cutting step, wax or sealants will not adhere to the paint or gelcoat and all protection will be removed when your boat is washed next, resulting in oxidation returning quickly. 


"Polishing" step

Our final step is a polish step. Our polish contains a light abrasive and polymer sealant. This step refines any scratches (swirls and holograms) and adds protection to your boats paint or gelcoat. 

The polishing step is completed with a dual action polisher to ensure the best results possible.

If your detailer is cutting and polishing in one step with a rotary polisher and wool pad, then slapping some wax on by hand... it's time to give us a call!



After a cut and polish, your boat should be washed monthly at a minimum, using a good quality wash and wax. 

Unfortunately, waxes and sealants don't last forever and need re-application. We recommend a thorough washdown and machine polish/wax quarterly OR 3 times per year at a minimum for superstructures (above gunnel). 

Hulls can be done annually when your boat is on the hard stand. 

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