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Antifoul & Propspeed


Antifoul and propspeed are designed to minimise marine growth on your boats hull and running gear, however long term success of antifoul coatings rely on more than the coatings themselves.


The type, location and quantity of sacrificial anodes, a properly installed and maintained bonding system and selection of underwater coatings themselves all work together to ensure maximum protection from marine growth and corrosion of underwater metals. 

A shortfall in any component of the system can lead to increased marine growth, premature failure of underwater coatings and increased corrosion of underwater metals. 

Don't risk it! Get in touch with us ASAP to book your next antifoul so you know it will be done right!


All antifouling preparation and painting is completed in house by GC Boat Management! We  meticulously prepare your boats hull prior to applying antifoul via airless spray. 

All coatings are applied strictly inline with manufacturers requirements to ensure the best possible performance. 

We organise your haul out, and even deliver your boat to the yard and back to your berth.



Propspeed is a state of the art coating for your boats running gear. Its slick top coat makes it extremely difficult for marine growth to adhere to. 


The application of Propspeed demands a disciplined approach to ensure a chemical bond is achieved between each coat. 


You can trust that GC Boat Management gets it done right! 



Sacrificial anodes are a critical component of your boats bonding system. They provide protection to your boasts running gear, out drives, through hull fittings and other underwater metals by corroding at a faster rate, therefore 'sacrificing' themselves. 

Whilst the concept is simple, selecting the wrong anodes or installing more anodes than necessary can lead to premature failure of antifoul coatings and increased marine growth. 

GC Boat Management liaises with industry professionals and corrosion specialists to ensure maximum protection of your boats underwater metals.


Bonding systems

Often overlooked, GC Boat Management inspects your bonding system for secure, corrosion free connections.

Insufficient bonding of metals below the waterline leads to an increased rate of corrosion, expensive repairs and possible catastrophic consequences such as failure of through hull fittings.  

Bonding Systems

you prep we spray

Want that professional sprayed finish to your antifoul but happy to get dirty and do the prep work yourself?

If you do the sanding, priming, masking, and even supply your preferred antifoul paint, GC Boat Management can set up overspray tenting and apply antifoul to your hull via airless spray. 

A smooth, even and consistent finish without forking out thousands of dollars on spray equipment. 

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